Career Consulting

What is career consulting?

Career consulting supports decision-making and helps in working life. Unlike coaching which lasts longer and should end up in a change of behaviour, the goal of career consulting is to find an efficient solution for a defined vocational problem.

When does Career consulting make sense?

  • Change of jobs
  • Dissatisfaction with your job
  • Aspired change of the industrial sector
  • New line manager
  • Reorganisation of the company with personal displacement
  • Decision about professional development

Caused by our long time experience in the field of personnel and business consultancy we are able to support your career advancement in an optimum way. We offer the following consulting contents to you:

  • Planning of your career
  • Vocational reorientation
  • Reorientation after dismission or resignation
  • Optimisation of application documents
  • Application training

Jutta Klemm, (Economist)
Babette Woldt, (Business Lawyer)
Denise Hildebrand, (Psychologist)