Advertising agency

managementplus GmbH's advertising agency not only focuses on the organisation, development and distribution of adverts for personnel but is also your adviser in this field. Through an advert for personnel you transmit to potential employees the first impressions of your company. If you don't have your own resources then you should hand this task over to a competent consultant who knows both the job market as well as ways to advertise in it.
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The advantages of working with us are:

Strict adherence to predetermined company standards

Design and layout as well as the contents of a fixed block of job adverts as well as the advertising copy can be developed by managementplus GmbH and will create a distinctive appearance for your company.

Media distribution
With our specialist knowledge we advise on the type of advert required and also on the format and size of the advert depending on the nature of the job.

Equipped with the latest communications technology (Hermstedt Leonardo® soft- and hardware, ISDN, e-mail, websites) managementplus GmbH works quickly and saves you time and money.

The transmission of all data, documents and adverts is done by us via ISDN/FTP or e-mail to our partners.

Quality control
Production of job adverts by managementplus GmbH and the transfer by ISDN to the printers is guaranteed to be error-free with regard to text and layout.

Key accounts
We consider you as a Key Account and the management of managementplus GmbH is contactable by you twenty-four hours a day. Because of our good relations with printers we often hit deadlines for the appearance of an advert and obtain a good position for the advert long after the official close of acceptance for adverts.

Complaints Procedure
If there is a mistake made by the printers - for example the use of a wrong colour for the logo, a wrong insert or smudged printing we will make a complaint and will ask for reduced cost of the advert, a free insert of other adverts or free additional services such as the addition of another colour for which no charge will be made.

Advertising returns
As personnel consultants we will monitor returns for you and also monitor the job market. By doing so we can offer you comprehensive and qualified advice and can, if required, supply you with MS Excel® spreadsheets. You can target different media more appropriately by using data collected such as applications received by type of media.

We will set up for you adverts on the Internet and will store adverts for you on our server or on any other net provider.

With the production of TV or radio adverts and notices in universities we are pursuing new paths in the recruitment of employees. We can reserve for clients on the Internet online editions of VDI Nachrichten, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, Financial Times Deutschland,... etc.

Innovative products
Innovative products, which are in the planning and test phase, are, for example:

  • Online editing of adverts
  • Preselection of applicants by eMail
  • Mail shots to universities
  • Establishing online chat facilities

Take new directions with us and test us out.
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Director of the Advertising Agency: Jutta Klemm - Graduate Economist